Upend (2011) draws on the instruction-based headphone theatre style and ethos of my collaborative work with First Person Theatre. This piece gently provokes kinaesthetic shifts in an audience member, quite unique to them, without presuming what your might think or feel. It is the first in a series exploring audience-activated sculpture.

Five short passages of writing are unfurled by hand, with a short action to be carried out before reading each.

I am interested in where you orient yourself, how your blood flows, when you breath.

This quiet, visceral experience will offer an individual a moment to dive into their immeasurable cavities.

In group show, ‘Equilibrium‘, Under The Dust Studios 13-18 Sidworth Street, E8 3SD.  Thursday 10th March – Sunday 13th March 2011.



1. [Make a fist with your left hand]


I stood in the dark. I do not panic. I like the canvas and, though there is a tightening in my chest, I do not mind because it must happen. It must be torn open to be touched.




2. [Hold your breath]


It had to happen.




3.  [Dip your head to look at your navel/feet. Repeat this quickly three more times. Look straight ahead]


My heart was beaten about my ribcage and it shook my contents liquids ripping and bleeding over its other contents. It drained. It funnelled down through my core. The timer. The time.



4. [Find your pulse on your neck with your finger tips]


And I must have gone upside down to let it drip back up and in again, to right itself, to reform and return so the contents could come back. Come back changed but come back and go on and not disappear and land on the outside and end up. I am upside down, then back again.



5. [Lick your lips]


My heart could have been my mouth, my brain, my kidney, my spleen.


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