Tea Revives the World

Tea Revives the World, site-specific performance in four parts

Alexandra Baybutt and Ben Gwalchmai

Greenwich Dances Festival 2011, recipients of the Leg up Bursary from Greenwich Dance

Part 1, Wednesday 29-June Convection

This piece hint at the shifting status of men and women in post Second World War Britain. A portrait of social change, on the subtlest level.

Part 2, Thursday 31-June ‘Tis very easy to see they have more Liberty than we’

Promenade performance with musician Gemma Gayner

In this piece, Colonialists travel east – a time of goods, inoculation research, news and information, of letters and travel writing and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu paving the way for activity and status independent of men and husbands.

See a rough film of Part 2 here

Part 3, Friday-01-July Trading

This audience participatory piece plays with moving goods, the good ways of moving, of trade routes and dialogue. Will you remember the traded or the transaction? Or was the act of transaction better than the things traded?

Part 4, Saturday-02-July Tea Revives

Inspired in part by the piers of Greenwich and The Cutty Sark, the tea-clipper ship that traded tea all over the globe. Tea Revives explores our shared history of connected voyages of the body, replenishment and resolute action. The actions of everyday rituals, tea-picking, travels and trade are woven together to explore the unique history of Greenwich and our relationship to this past.


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