Succour premiered at Greenwich Dance (Minor Hall Basement dressing room cloakrooms), London,  February 2012

Co-devised and co-directed by Alexandra Baybutt and Ben Varney

Performance: Alexandra Baybutt

Installation: Ben Varney

From a conversation on the nature of alchemy. The heart of alchemy is spiritual. The transmutation of base matter to spiritual gold.

With thanks to Azusa Ono, Oli Newman and Greenwich Dance

Greenwich Dance is housed in a 1930s Deco-style Borough Hall. A building of halls, passageways, dark wood and marble. And pairs: of stairs, entrances and ante-chambers. Audience gathered in the cloakroom opposite the one in which we presented performance and installation, and received green tea there.

Photographs below are excerpts from the performance of Succour taken by Ben Varney. All other works published below were created by Ben during the process. The performance space had various pieces of work placed amongst it relating to a ‘figure’ in space and to identity or performed identity. This first image below was there, but others were difficult to photograph due to low light.

Pour yourself a cup of green tea and take a look.


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