a dog may or may not have barked

a dog may or may not have barked

2013-12-11 18.17.33

An improvised durational performance 
by musician + composer David Somló 
and movement artist Alexandra Baybutt

Friday 9th May 2014
8.00 - 10.00pm

Durational performance. Please attend in 20 minute blocks or 
stay longer. Maximum 20 audience. 

Free, by donation. 

At studio 308, 35 Marylebone High Street, Westminster, W1, London (nearest tube Baker St/Bond St/Regents Park)

Watch an excerpt here from January 2014 (shot by Hannah Anketell) and here from May 2014 (shot by Lucie Sheppard, both edited by 

With kind support from Theatre Delicatessen
A dog may or may not have barked is a site sensitive, immersive movement-
sound improvisation piece created and performed in the now-empty BBC office 
building on Marylebone High St, by Alexandra Baybutt and David SomlóTheatre Delicatessen have made this building available for performance, rehearsal and installation for the past two years but, as is the way of their structure, will be 
leaving this site for another in the coming months. So this is the last time that we will 
perform a dog in this special space. 

The piece is a constant 2 hours improvisation, and the audience can come and go in 20 minutes slots, so you can join in every 20 minutes, and feel free to stay for as 
many slots as you want. 

'A brilliant performance. I am glad I was invited. Being there made me completely forget that I was in England far away from home. Thank you both for the experience.' 

'...Do you know what, when I left, I went to the other room and locked the door and started to do like you, improvise, I like that very much.'

'...Twenty minutes of everything and nothing in an exuberant being alive-ness. Then I left. I shook my head to the sky and rain on my walk home.'

Read Lizzy Le Quesne's response to the January 14 performance here on
***June may see a series of small showings of this work on Sunday afternoons in SE London green. If you are interested in attending these micro-performances, get in 
touch for more details***
David Somló
David Somló is a hungarian composer, sound artist and improviser, studying interdisciplinary composition at Goldsmiths College. As his first degree is sociology, the core of his work is often based on social phenomena and is mixed with the raw instinct of improvisation. In his frequent collaborations with physical and dance theatre, his main interest the relationship between the physical and mental state of the musician and the dancer.
by Martin Surzyn

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