Changing Positions

Changing Positions: A score for Cue Positions, a Bellyflop Symposium, 22 + 23 Nov, 2013

Artist, educator and researcher Alexandra Baybutt shares her Changing Positions Score in the third intervention of the afternoon. This turn-taking score sees players speak their sense of their position within the field of dance in London: 5 years ago, now, and 5 years hence. Choosing an initial posture from a selection provided, participants are then free to alter their position and location as the collection of individual position statements unfolds.

Kindly activated by Flora Wellesley Wesley, Ellie Sikorski, Hamish MacPherson, Antje Hildebrandt, Rachel Gileda, Eliisa Erävalo and David Bloom

Denishawn c.1915
Denishawn c.1915

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