Drifting, Grasslands

Body as ghost, machine of purpose.

Labour of the past. Unplaceable labour of the present.

Anonymous human traces, physical markers for arrested time.

Catch sight of two bodies in the field.

This vista, this horizon.


Performed on 21st September 2013, by Alexandra Baybutt & Mark Carberry, with Lindsey Dayavati Best & Wendy Windle

As part of Inter-scape with the Magma Collective, taking place throughout the afternoon and evening in and around Building Bloqs, 4 Anthony Way, London N18 3QT

‘The land is flat and wide and buildings soar out of the plain with a kind of tranquil aggressiveness. Figures grow out of this depth. We are not certain they are human or how they got there. They are entirely oblivious to us, like the trees, weed, and structures. They also seem separated from one another by another kind of space, an ambiance filled with absence. We could imagine them as druid, lifting their arms to the sky, praying to the earth, listening to the flowers. This is a ritual, yet, we do not remember its origin and the performers emulate an ancestral history that no word ever spoke.’

Read the full review of the event here by Sebastian E Wanguard

The facebook page is profiling contributing artists – see here.

2013-09-05 10.39.42

2013-09-21 14.29.12


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