Bartenieff Fundamental Principles

This online movement class is for you if

You want to support and tools for daily life, non-verbal communication, and endurance

You want to explore your movement potential and feel free to move

You have never done formal dance, improvisation, somatic movement education before

Or you have, and want space to go deeper

Fundamentals are for everyone, no matter where you come in from

Irmgard Bartenieff developed movement repatterining principles and tools suitable for everyone. She drew extensively from the work of her teacher, then later colleague, Rudolf Laban.
These somatic movement education classes use the Bartenieff Fundamentals Principles, guided and improvisational movement exploration.
Read more about pioneering movement practitioner Irmgard Bartenieff:

Tuesdays 18.00 (UK time/BST) May-mid July

Thursdays, 11.00 (UK time/BST) May-mid July

£5 drop-in

Email me to say hi if we haven’t met before and I’ll send the zoom link. Take the class, see I’m human, and I trust you will pay me after.

or pay through PayPal in advance and I’ll send you the zoom link + password

Recorded classes

I am filming classes. These are available for the same price as the live class, and you’re welcome to email me with any questions or feedback. Contact me for the links

It’s not a fancy booking system. But it keeps it possible for me to offer affordable classes.

BF principles explored with me:

Breath Support, Core Support, Axis of Length, Weight Support and Shift, Developmental Pattern Support, Rotary Support, Dynamic Alignment, Body Level Phrasing, Effort Intent, Shape Intent, Space Intent

Please feel free to contact me for a chat, any questions or concerns you have


Some more practical info

This is a floor-based class where you will move between lying, sitting, standing and if you have the space, some travelling. If lying on the floor is not possible or comfortable, you can explore the instructions from a chair or wheelchair

You will need enough space to roll around on the floor, minimum 3 yoga mats-worth, though as the class involves making your own choices, if you have a smaller space you are very welcome to join!

Carpet, wood, lino – all good. You might want a blanket/yoga mat/cushions/yoga blocks to make yourself more comfortable

Sometimes it will be easier to wear socks for more slide, sometimes bare feet will be better for more grip and push

Have a journal handy to scribble notes/draw afterwards to reflect upon your experience

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