Pregnancy Yoga & Somatic Movement

This class is for you if

You want to support and tools for your changing body and growing baby

You want to chill out, tune in and feel free to move

You are 12 weeks pregnant or more

You have never done yoga before

You have done yoga before

Thursdays, 18.00 (UK time) starting 7th May

Saturdays 16.00 (UK time) starting 9th May

£5 drop-in

Email me to say hi if we never met before, and tell me where you are up to in your pregnancy. I’ll then send the zoom link and password, and trust you’ll pay me after

Or if know me already, please pay over Paypal, then I’ll send you the link + password for the next class unless you specify which date you want.

It’s not a fancy booking system. But it keeps it possible for me to offer affordable classes.

Classes are an hour long, with 10 minutes before for hellos, and a 20 minute hang out period afterwards if you want a have a tea together. This is a safe non-judgmental space to share insights, experience and questions from the class, and meet other people.

Please feel free to contact me, Alexandra, for a chat, any questions or concerns you have


Useful stuff to have ready for class

Space enough for a yoga mat or blanket

Cushions, blankets/rolled up towels, yoga bricks or blocks if you have them, or hard back book if not a yoga brick (something solid you could sit on, roughly the size of VHS box if that size means anything to you)

Glass of water and a biscuit nearby if you suddenly have a drop in blood sugar/energy

Soft comfortable clothing you can move in, with no zips or fastenings that might dig in, or jewellery that could get caught up

Useful stuff to know

It’s a class for you and your body. I will guide you as best as I can. I will remind you to take breaks when you want, change what I offer to make it suit your needs, and encourage you to play. You are responsible for making yourself comfortable. Ask questions; I might not have answers, but I’ll think with you about them. If you have specific pregnancy/health related conditions and have recommendations, go with those. I aim to mention as many ‘if you have…’ warnings/variations as I can in order to support you and help keep you safe. But I am a movement teacher not a medical professional, so if in doubt, don’t.

I will not be playing music in these online classes. If you want to have some favourite relaxing music/sounds on, feel free to do so. As long as you can still hear the class, it’s all good. A Soft Murmur is a beautiful & free mix-your-own ambient sounds page to play with. Thinking ahead, friends with babies have found it quite handy in early months.

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